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RIBAUD. A rogue; a vagrant. It is not used.

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They budget for a few larger shows, like Carlyle's, for which they paid "more than double," Ribaud said.
We hope to capture everybody's interest, and, as Curt said, it all ties into what folks can go in there and check out," Ribaud said.
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It's been a heckuva lot of fun," Claire Ribaud, library youth services manager, said.
The Eugene Public Library takes the position that parents can best decide how their children use the Internet, Senior Librarian Claire Ribaud said.
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Claire Ribaud, sporting neon green, blue, purple and pink hair, was honored for her work as youth services librarian, who won grants and designed children's area of the new library.
Claire Ribaud is the youth services manager for the Eugene Public Library.
May 18 /PRNewswire/ -- IMPEX Consulting Group, exclusive importer of Cognac Des Ribauds (pronounced Rebo) for the US and Canada is pleased to announce that The Beverage Testing Institute in Chicago has awarded Des Ribauds XO 'Hommage au Temps' 50 Years with a GOLD Medal, proclaiming 'Hommage au Temps' 50 Years as the 'Highest Rated Cognac of 2005' with 95 points.