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RIEN. This is a French word which signifies nothing. It has generally this meaning; as, rien in arrere; rien passe per le fait, nothing passes by the deed; rien per descent, nothing by descent; it sometimes signifies not, as rien culpable, not guilty. Doct. Plac. 435.

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The Philippines, as the chair of ASEAN 2017, champions positive change in the community that produces a global voice and delivers a unified goal, Rien said.
Brenneman watching Love Boat while the state floods) Dostoevskian drama (she wins a large sum gambling after the fateful words Rien ne va plusall bets are offare spoken) horror (a graphic third-trimester abortion) and the most radical of subjectivities by a woman protagonist meld together only to disappear.
Winner of six of his first nine races after joining Gifkins from the Mark Wallis kennel, Fear Rien added an appearance in the Sussex Cup final at Hove to previous big-race deciders such as the Manchester Puppy Cup, Rom-ford Puppy Cup, Birmingham Cup and Easter Cup.
Their muteness is ironic in that it forecloses the most obviously constructive of reflections: "They do not remember that it is they who give him [the tyrant] the strength to take everything from everybody, and to leave nothing that one can say belongs to anyone" ([Ils] ne se conviennent pas que ce sont eus qui lui donnent Ia force pour oster tout a tout, & ne laisser rien qu'on puisse dire estre a personne; 48-50).
content dans notre monde, il n'y a plus rien a esperer de Phomme
I'm aware that they have an Outland Trophy winner, Rien Long, I know Marcus Trufant, just because it's in our scouting report that they're good.
Take Reine Rien (one of the two premieres choreographed by Co-Artistic Director Dawn Stoppiello in collaboration with the performers).
Rien van Rangelrooy, technical adviser and sales manager of the company.
Ensuite, nous allons voir au jour le jour et je ne vais rien vous dire.
A en croire un rapport des Nations unies, l'embargo international n'a en rien stoppe les petites affaires de la Coree du Nord.
Il a souligne que les contacts des Qataris avec l'executif provisoire se fait de maniere etanche et parallele , indiquant que lui-meme ne sait rien des contacts etablis avec Mustapha Abdeljelil et ce dernier ne sait rien des contacts etablis avec Mahmoud Jibril .