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A swelling measuring 10X9 cm in right upper outer quadrant of right breast, skin over the lump was red and indurated, nipple areolar complex inverted, lump soft in consistency, fluctuant, non-tender, and moulds on pressure.
Mum-of-two Susan had surgery to remove her right breast and reconstruct it using tissue from her stomach.
Mrs Bunyan, 46, who was diagnosed with cancer in her right breast in May and recently underwent a mastectomy, thanked all those who took part in the auction.
Spokesman David Ginsberg said Mrs Edwards, 55, discovered a lump in her right breast while on a campaign trip last week.
The surgeon positioned the implant in my right breast too high, which left the nipple misshapen, and on top of that, my new breasts were so tiny they would hardly fill a 34A bra.
The pair's act caused an outcry when he tugged at her top, tearing it and revealing her right breast.
The report came as Jackson made a televised apology for flashing her right breast during Sunday's American football Super Bowl half time show.
Lie down and place your right arm behind your head and then, using your left fingers, feel for lumps and changes in your right breast, either working in lines up and down or using a circular, rubbing motion.
But, in December 1994, a lump in her right breast was diagnosed as a malignant tumour.
At official functions, military decorations can be worn, so I understand, on behalf of deceased family members on the right breast pocket, not the traditional left.
Dispensing with the suit, white dress shirt and necktie worn earlier, Clinton donned beige khaki pants, a sports shirt and a windbreaker with ``Commander-In-Chief'' across the right breast and ``KFOR/NATO'' on the left.
It was her 12th year organizing the event, and to outsiders she looked normal, except that all the time she had her hand on her right breast so her stitches wouldn't come out.