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restrictions and acknowledgement of a right of establishment.
Recognszing the stresses and strains that immediate implementation would have, the protocol was designed to be brought into effect in three successive phases; right of entry, right of residence and right of establishment respectively.
The same Article establishes that without prejudice to the provisions of the chapter relating to the right of establishment, the person providing a service may, in order to do so, temporarily pursue his activity in the State where the service is provided, under the same conditions as are imposed by that State on its own nationals.
It also includes secondary legislation in the realms of freedom of movement for workers, right of establishment and freedom to provide services, equal pay and treatment, worker protection, free movement of goods, competition law, and consumer protection.
RTAs with rules on investment usually go beyond anything found in the WTO in that they contain provisions on the right of establishment, an obligation that does not exist in any WTO agreement.