right of possession

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The Indian right of possession itself stands, with regard to the greater part of the country, upon a questionable foundation.
A scheme of this kind, however, was too vast and hazardous for individual enterprise; it could only be undertaken by a company under the sanction and protection of a government; and as there might be a clashing of claims between the Hudson's Bay and Northwest Company, the one holding by right of charter, the other by right of possession, he proposed that the two comparties should coalesce in this great undertaking.
However I caught the gist of what he was saying--which in effect was that he had found and captured this Galu, that she was his and that he defied anyone to question his right of possession. It appeared to me, as I afterward learned was the fact, that I was witnessing the most primitive of marriage ceremonies.
I descended a little on the side of that delicious vale, surveying it with a secret kind of pleasure, though mixed with my other afflicting thoughts, to think that this was all my own; that I was king and lord of all this country indefensibly, and had a right of possession; and if I could convey it, I might have it in inheritance as completely as any lord of a manor in England.
By this fluctuation the pond asserts its title to a shore, and thus the shore is shorn, and the trees cannot hold it by right of possession. These are the lips of the lake, on which no beard grows.
"Not just my right of possession but my right of management has also been taken away," he contended.
Ownership is a right of possession. Stewardship is a fiduciary role.
He said if in the proposed demarcation the owners' and the residents' right of possession is not proved, the revenue department and those who sold this land may be given exemplary punishments and the affectees many be shifted to some suitable place.
The petitioners said, resulting from the right of possession, the immediate adjoining lands to the said housing units have been developed as extensions of store rooms, garages and gardens, owing to the growing size of families.
'The right of expression, the right of possession and press freedom are guaranteed by law,' the statement said.
Actions aiming to reverse or abolish the right of access are considered to be illegal violating the right of possession of a property and the owner of the dominant property in favour of which the right of access works is protected on the basis of the civil offence of unlawful interference and nuisance.
One holding mere colour of title holds the appearance or semblance of a legally enforceable right of possession or ownership.