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No-one is impeding on anyone's right to free speech. Just questioning why mainstream media are giving hateful people the oxygen they so crave.
The right to free speech doesn't just belong to some of the people - it belongs to all of us, regardless of where we are on the political spectrum.
Of course, the right to free speech takes a liberal and democratic form in the legal regulations of international, European and national states, legislative texts even leaving the impression that by exercising this right, individuals can materialize another right, the right to liberty of conscience.
In its verdict, the court emphasized that no one can be punished for exercising their right to free speech.
If they are not comfortable with our democracy and right to free speech let them go and live in Syria, Iran or Indonesia where their faith, and their intolerance, are the norm.
Political correctness must be controlled before we lose our democratic right to free speech.
I believe people should have a right to free speech and be able to express their opinions; however I think a little more regulation and harsher measures can be put in place to ensure that graphic and harmful content is restricted.
The court agreed, unanimously finding that this requirement was unconstitutional and infringed on employers' right to free speech. The right to freedom of speech "necessarily protects ...
But those in dissent, even if they represent the majority, do not get to make the decision about another citizen's rights so long as a society has defined that right, like the right to free speech or the right to protest.
The sentence "further erodes the right to free speech in Kuwait," the New York-based rights group said in a statement.
LIKE it or not, the right to free speech is one of the basic tenets of the democratic society we live in.
The FDA said it will research new ways to craft warning labels that can reduce tobacco deaths while not infringing on tobacco companies' First Amendment right to free speech. The 2009 Tobacco Control Act requires the FDA to implement new warning labels.