Rights of kids to parent's house during illness

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Country: Canada
State: Ontario

My fiancée and I moved in with his 84 year old mother (she has Alzheimer's) 5 1/2 years ago as the rest of the family did not help. He and his sister have joint power of attorney and now that the mother is in a nursing home (3 weeks ago she was placed) his sister is trying to sell the house and wants us out. She has workmen coming over Friday to start renovations to fix the house to get more money. She is trying to take over everything and we do not know what are our rights are. Can we legally stop her? We plan on moving out and I figured the house would be sold and the money go into trust for his mother until she passes then her will would be followed. It sickens me how fast his sister wants to sell the house and take her mother's money and the woman is still very much alive and well in the nursing home. Can you please offer us any advise? She has a key to the house and she wants to come in Friday and go through everything. As we live there I do not want her going through our belongings and we don't want her disposing of her mother's belongings either. We don't know what to do. We can not take off time from work and we have a chain on the inside of the door but we do not know if we can legally lock the workmen and his siter out. We wanted to wait until we found a place to live then do the renovations and then go the route as I said above. She wants the house on the market within 1 month. Sorry for the length of this but I'm at my witts end and I do not know what to do.


She cannot force you out herself and you need not let her enter w/o your permission if you are living there--she has to go to court and evict you if she feels she has some eventual right to make you leave...
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