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Under Californian law, if she calls off the engagement, he gets the ring back. "And he wants it back," said some sources.
Summary: He thought of asking for his ring back and cancelling the engagement.
Announcing the offer recently, Globacom, in a statement issued from its headquarters in Lagos, disclosed that the newly-repackaged Glo Caller Ring Back Tunes are designed to give all-round comfort to millions of its subscribers, particularly callers to the network, thereby enriching their calling experience on the Glo network.
Later the same night, her daughter spotted another message which read: "Tell your mum she can have her ring back for PS400."
A PADDLEBOARDER got his lost wedding ring back - thanks to a friendly diver and a pair of squid.
This tie-up with Starfish Mobile will further strengthen Comviva's RBT (Ring Back Tone) content portfolio in the region.
Zain Bahrain, a leading telecom service provider, has launched a ring back tone (RBT) promotion that will allow users access to connecting tunes and swap them with their callers'favourite tunes.
If yes or first one: why do you send the present ring back? What do you expect from doing so?
What You Look For adds Tom Petty-style guitar, the uptempo I Put My Ring Back On is already a radio 2 favourite, and I Have A Need For Solitude steps up the pace further.
These informed me that they were from "collection services" and I must ring back. I spoke to several people in Mumbai who couldn't tell me why they were ringing unless I gave them my credit card number.
On September 28, customers found that the standard ring back tone had been changed to the song "Guojia" ("Country"), sung by actor Jackie Chan.
She said: "I'm glad the man got the ring back - and I'll carry on keeping a lookout for stolen property."I'm glad the man got the ring back - and I'll carry on keeping a lookout for stolen property - Yvonne Wolstanholme, right, who called the police to the pawnbrokers where she works after a couple brought in a gold ring which had been stolen and tried to pawn it