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When the boyfriend failed to ring back, the driver called police who initially gave Heywood, of Laurel Drive in Batley, a month to stump up the cash.
As part of Batelco's participation in the International Music Festival, the company is providing the music from the festival as ring back tones, the statement said.
The victim was delighted to hav a e the ri ri ring back and she is als l o grateful to the staff to have the ring back and she is also grateful to the staff at Cash Generators for helping return an item of immense sentimental importance.
A service called ring back tone (RBT); which will allow subscribers to choose their own ring back tone that callers will hear when they dial their number is also being introduced, the service allows subscribers to express their individuality -- replacing the traditional ring back tone a caller hears, before the called party answers, with an audio or sound effect.
com)-- ECT (European Computer Telecoms AG), vendor of complete solutions for value-added services in the voice and multimedia domain, has won another major contract in Western Europe for their ring back tone solution, ECT Ring Back.
What You Look For adds Tom Petty-style guitar, the uptempo I Put My Ring Back On is already a radio 2 favourite, and I Have A Need For Solitude steps up the pace further.
SAINT-PETERSBURG, Russia, November 25 /PRNewswire/ -- Mascom Wireless, the largest mobile operator and market leader in mobile telecommunications in Botswana, has selected Bercut to supply its Ring Back Tone solution.
On September 28, customers found that the standard ring back tone had been changed to the song "Guojia" ("Country"), sung by actor Jackie Chan.
She said: "I'm glad the man got the ring back - and I'll carry on keeping a lookout for stolen property.
Summary: Zain Kuwait, part of the Zain group, one of the leading mobile telecommunications providers in the Middle East and Africa, announced that it has successfully migrated all existing Ring Back Tone (Zain Sami3ny) subscribers to the Huawei Color Ring Back Tone (CRBT) system.