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Shrub cover was essentially zero and, where Snowgums had not lost their leaves, these soon yellowed and died due to the effect of fire ringbarking the trees (Fig 4; pers.
In NSW, the Chinese men were very well organized and equipped for ringbarking.
In 1881, a correspondent in the Sydney Morning Herald reported that ringbarking of trees upon pastoral leases had increased "to an alarming extent" as there were "perfect armies of Chinamen [sic] going about ringbarking every tree at the rate of 9d per acre.
They had about a dozen bark houses and huts in the eastern part of the town and were engaged primarily in scrub cutting and ringbarking, although they also had several market gardens around the town.
However, there is a strong local memory of Chinese involvement in the building of stone fences and ringbarking further to the south at the small town of Craigie.
29) The principal but certainly not the sole purpose of the camps was to supply a steady source of labour for ringbarking and land-clearing activities throughout the Riverina and western NSW.