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Johan Botha, as Walther, sings ringingly but his acting is wooden; Adrian Erod, a vocally assured Beckmesser, tends toward slight over-characterization but not to caricature.
101) has ringingly upheld the unenumerated rights of extended family
What makes patriotism a relevant issue is that many readers (including Darby, Beidler, and Cain) believe that the novel ringingly endorses, even propagandizes, America's war with Japan.
The folksinging legend has rarely sounded better than on these ringingly clear discs, which astutely balance classics with rarer works and divides them into volumes of greatest hits, roots, political songs and collaborations with Cisco Houston and Sonny Terry.
Sasha Cooke sang Kitty Oppenheimer warmly and openly, Thomas Glenn was ringingly clean and clear as Robert Wilson, and Brindley Sherratt (Edward Teller), Jonathan Veira (General Groves) and Roderick Earle (Frank Hubbard) all made their roles as vivid as possible.
Ms Harman said: "She (Ms Blears) has not ringingly endorsed herself what she said.
And yet studded throughout are ringingly memorable lines, ones that make you see, hear, feel.
Far from being incompatible or destructive, new media can enable a wealth of possibilities for enhancing religiosity," it ringingly affirms, suggesting through a series of closely considered case studies, the multiple ways in which modern Jewish life has been redefined, let alone enriched, through its encounter with sound recordings, film, photography, and the internet (12).