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RIPA. The bank of a river, or the place beyond which the waters do not in their natural course overflow.
     2. An extraordinary overflow does not change the banks of the river. Poth. Pand. lib. 50, h.t. See Banks of rivers; Riparian proprietors; Rivers.

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In order to be transparent, Birmingham City Council has placed its Ripa code of practice on the council website.
But Kirklees Council leader Mehboob Khan said local authorities were using RIPA "sparingly and responsibly" to combat crimes of public concern.
In North Wales, Wrexham used RIPA 47 times, including 28 in 2008-09, with 13 operations targeted at drugs offences relating to tenancy enforcement.
But in the first six months of this year, the council enacted RIPA just 13 times.
Rome's Colosseum and, inset, a chic room at the Ripa Hotel
Patients with these bleeding disorders have similar phenotypic parameters and clinical features, ie functional VWF discordance, increased response to low concentration Ristocetin in RIPA testing and in most cases although not ours thrombocytopenia and loss of HMWM.
You came to New York in 1983, and I started 'All My Children' in 1990, and it was the biggest thrill of my career, when I really felt like I made it, when I did 'Live With Regis and Kathy Lee,' " Ripa told Philbin.
In restricting the power of the authorities, the new RIPA III Code of Practice states that no person can seek permission to serve a disclosure notice without the NTAC's approval and describes the body as the 'guardian and gatekeeper'.
Simonutti's illustration of philosophy includes many different images, the relation to each other remaining unclear: allegorical personifications of philosophy, of which she provide a survey from Pietro Lorenzetti (mid-fourteenth century) to Cesare Ripa (1603) via Raphael (1508), all in two pages; portraits of philosophers, particularly ancient ones, whose facial features were invented according to the themes of their philosophy; and frontispieces of philosophical works from Erasmus to Vico.
According to Davis, UK businesses are still ignorant of the potential impact of RIPA, almost two years after it received Royal Assent.