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RIPA. The bank of a river, or the place beyond which the waters do not in their natural course overflow.
     2. An extraordinary overflow does not change the banks of the river. Poth. Pand. lib. 50, h.t. See Banks of rivers; Riparian proprietors; Rivers.

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The united front comes a day after Ripa appeared to slight Seacrest by offering to tie his shoes after he had removed them for a segment of their show.
As he stomped around the stage, attempting to force his feet into the shoes, Ripa was seen calling to someone off camera, asking if they had a team that could help Seacrest with his wardrobe dilemma.
Caption: The Fretwork ensemble from the Kelly Ripa Home collection.
Live" sources told Variety that Ripa and Strahan spoke over the weekend.
Cleveland Police applies the Act and relevant guidance when determining whether to make use of various RIPA authorities in support of the investigation of criminal offences.
Every time the authority used RIPA there was a conviction.
This means they have been carrying out open surveillance on members of the public unlawfully, because they will not confirm if they have a RIPA to do that.
The 'Amazing Spider-Man 2' star further told Ripa that it broke his heart when he heard Tyson say that and asked the retired boxer what does he mean and the legend replied that when he had money he had been doing bad stuff too, but everybody had been all over him.
Talk Show host Kelly Ripa has signed on as the spokeswoman for a new Colgate Total campaign, while Orabrush tongue cleaner and tongue foam have been endorsed by flirting and communications expert Rachel DeAlto.
com)-- Since 1922 RIPA International has provided guidance to Government Ministers, Heads of State, Commissioners and Permanent Secretaries from Commonwealth countries and other regions.
But when you take a look at the offences councils have used Ripa to try to combat - investigating clocked cars, clamping down on illegal money lending, targeting fly-tippers, stopping benefit fraud, catching shops selling cigarettes and alcohol to children - who wouldn't want our authorities to be stopping this kind of illegal activity?
Civil liberties group Big Brother Watch said there were questions to be answered about the authority's use of Ripa, which was designed to combat terrorism and other serious offences, for "relatively trivial matters".