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Megachains Pizza Hut and Home Depot separately denied claims in court in Los Angeles on Thursday and Friday that they ripped off music by the band The Black Keys in TV spots, reports (http://www.
Mrs Kift was particularly terrified when on Saturday night a gas pipe was ripped off the outside wall of the next door property on Caroline and St Mary's Roads in Llandudno.
When I do I am constantly hearing horror stories about how customers have been ripped off.
What is astonishing is not that the viewers were ripped off but that the phone-in was so staggeringly successful.
Parts from a car, even tailgates, have been getting ripped off since trucks have been made because there is always someone who doesn't want to pay retail.
The pain of having that tape ripped off must have -esque so he to suffer everyone ling at ection grows The pain of having that tape ripped off must have been bikini-wax-esque so he shouldn't have to suffer the indignity of everyone unfairly giggling at his bald mid-section until the fur grows back too.
And they should be made personally responsible for reimbursing every penny of the pounds 290million the bank was fined to all the customers they ripped off.
A LEGAL executive who ripped off clients and a building society to the tune of pounds 280,000 admitted fraud charges.
I (like many others) did last year then got ripped off by them offering children, who are still in full-time education, season tickets for pounds 99.
I understand the answer to the second question relating the rise of crude oil to the rise in gasoline prices, but somehow, I still feel we are being ripped off.
Spurred on by RTE's financial guru Eddie Hobbs, the people have shouted stop to being ripped off left, right and centre.
But both pieces ended with suggestions that--the complexities of buying spare parts notwithstanding-- someone had ripped off the government.