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H7 and H8 proposed a direct and negative effect from sales promotions on the relationship between the risk perception and purchase intention of the promoted product and a moderating effect from the type of sales promotion on the relationship between risk perception and purchase intentions, with monetary promotions having a stronger effect on risk perceptions.
Individuals mentally assess risk in a similar way, but risk perception is shaped by several largely unconscious emotional processes shared by scientists and nonscientists alike.
While each of these activities are key to a strong risk culture, few companies look at the benefits that assessing and aligning risk perceptions can provide when it comes to driving appropriate risk-taking behavior.
Perceived susceptibility was measured by the sum of two items from a three-item risk perception scale (Weinstein, Lyon, Sandman, & Cuite, 1998).
An Evaluation of the Psychometric Paradigm in Risk Perception Research.
To measure risk perception for SLT relative to cigarettes, a scale was developed similar to risk measures in previous studies (Kees 2011; Keller, Lipkus, and Rimer 2003; Menon, Block, and Ramanathan 2002).
This is a brain region involved in emotion and risk perception.
It was titled 'Risk-taking, risk perception, and risk management - the creation of things that are valuable'.
This paper examines the differences in environmental risk perception between an Old Order Mennonite (OOM) community in the Township of Woolwich, Ontario and a group of non-Old Order Mennonites living in Elmira, Ontario, in the Township of Woolwich.
Avian influenza risk perception and live poultry purchase in Guangzhou, China, 2006.
The seminar probed numerous obstacles to SME growth and their under-representation in government priorities, policy inconsistencies, infrastructure deficiencies and lack of interest from financial intermediaries because of skewed risk perception.
In terms of market risk perception, while we are not yet close to the Aprila June 2010 highs, we believe there is all likelihood that global markets will reach these levels as early as this summer.