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The time-series analyses included numerous covariates (39 additional model parameters) to control for potential temporal confounders; consequently, the risk ratio estimates had relatively large confidence intervals.
01) and positively correlated with the child poverty risk ratio for Hispanic children ([rho] = .
Table 2 shows these results, as well as information on district-level patterns of underrepresentation and overrepresentation, as indicated by the relative risk ratio criteria described previously.
The concepts of relative risk and attributable risk ratio are indispensable for an attorney who accepts a client's risk factors as a beneficial aspect of a pharmaceutical case and actively pursues the issue at trial.
9% Big50 Risk Ratio Recalculation TOTAL OWNER COMPENSATION RISK RATIO SALES AVERAGE MEDIAN AVERAGE MEDIAN Under $1 million $ 95,575 $ 98,000 8.
A risk ratio varies between zero and infinity, higher ratios reflecting increased probability of a risk materializing as a result of exposure to acts like the defendant's.
Ideally, the statistical power should be at least 90% for identifying a clinically relevant difference, such as a risk ratio of 2.
If we extend the consideration to higher age groups, we find that the Relative Risk Ratio of Arab to Jewish mortality is even greater for the 1-4 year age group, 2.
They calculated risk ratios for HIV infection both for all disabled individuals and for those with specific categories of disabilities.
After adjustment for potential confounders--including sociodemographics, body mass index, and high blood pressure--a higher score on the short-form specific for pregnancy questionnaire (SFSPQ) was significantly associated with an increase in the risk of preeclampsia (adjusted risk ratio, 1.
But when the analysis was confined to studies with at least 10 years of follow-up, the metabolically healthy obese group had increased mortality and CV risk, with a risk ratio of 1.