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The only variable that met the significance criterion to enter the equation was the child poverty risk ratio for Hispanic children.
The primary method used in this study, the relative risk ratio, is common in the disproportionality literature and in state practices for meeting the requirements of special education law (Sullivan et al.
Our risk ratios are scaled for any 10% change in a covariate indicating that 10% reductions of the heights of these types of cover will reduce the risk of strikes by the same amount.
The methods are not commonly employed m the health services research literature and their capacity to adjust risk ratios and risk differences has not been clearly articulated.
The age-adjusted rates for cancer incidence, on the other hand, show that the Relative Risk Ratio of Jews to Arabs is higher than the Relative Risk Ratio for cancer mortality, indicating less early detection among Arabs than Jews (ICDC, 1997: 82).
The risk of intercourse was lower for males than for females (relative risk ratio, 0.
We then compared this with the observed number to calculate a standardized risk ratio.
While salad vegetables had a disease risk ratio of 53, the hospitalization risk ratio was 229.
This is because the market has high unmet demand, and any drug that manages to provide a high benefit to risk ratio can easily achieve blockbuster status.
9%), the risk of cesarean i section was only marginally associated with elective labor induction (relative risk ratio, 1.
No increased risk of total (all-cause) mortality (relative risk ratio for all cause mortality= 0.
This risk ratio was used to estimate the relative risk of each cohort developing PD in later life.