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A police spokesman said: "Following reports yesterday that a car had entered the River Don, off the A1 in Doncaster, a man's body has been found as the vehicle has now been recovered from the water.
lt;BA car in floodwater in Port Elphinstone, near Aberdeen, after the River Don rose to record levels and burst its banks amid continued heavy rain
In a room on its own is the truly gigantic River Don engine, claimed to be the most powerful surviving steam engine in the world.
A body was found in the River Don soon after but at the time it was impossible to identify.
It brought back memories of the devastating 2007 floods, although firefighters said this time they were due to the city's drainage system becoming inundated rather than the River Don breaking its banks as it did two years ago.
A: "The history of the Don Cossacks dates back to 1936 when villages near the River Don formed the ensemble .
Giant pumps carried 60,000 litres of water a minute down hosepipes to the River Don some two miles away.
The Environment Agency in England currently has five severe flood warnings in place for the north-east, with further disruption expected in South Yorkshire along the River Don and Ea Beck at Toll Bar, near Doncaster.
Fifteen inches of water and silt swept through Tesco's store in Rotherham, South Yorkshire, after the nearby River Don burst its banks.
com River Don Novices' Hurdle, a Grade Two affair over an extended three miles, backs up the big race.
s River Don Castings (writing in a series of technical papers), steel casting applications for offshore oil drilling rigs have become fully accepted by structural engineers.
Arrival will be along a drive which will sweep along the River Don, the raison d'etre of the plant in the first place.