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Tens of thousands of 'lovelocks' adorn the Eiserner Steg bridge over the River Main
Its existence has been reported in lotic water bodies with high current velocities, depths and discharges and sandy mobile sediments with scarce organic matter content, low conductivity and dune beds, and is often the only benthic species in the Parana River main channel and the principal secondary streams of its alluvial plain.
It is 100m from the River Main and 400m from Frankfurt Central Station.
WONDERFUL: Clockwise, from top, the Bavarian Alps, the bridge gate over the River Main, Oktoberfest celebrations, Mecklenburg Lake District and the centre of Saarburg.
Frankfurt River Main in heart of the city' Nuremberg The Kaiserburg Castle' Cologne Eating out in Altermarkt Square is a pleasure in the fun-loving capital of the Rhineland' Baden-Baden Soak up an idyllic spa town' Berlin The Brandenburg Gate' Speedy.
The major habitat components of the new wildlife management area include a large wetland complex that feeds directly into the Bull River, a mile of the Bull River main stem, three-quarters of a mile of Ross Creek with a wetland near the mouth, a half-mile of shoreline on Bull Lake, as well as productive uplands and a boreal coniferous forest wetland.
One was the hegemonic political culture which originated north of the River Main, which stood for a Prussian-German nationhood, bureaucracy, a strong state, militarism and Protestantism, and which was to be found both in Berlin and in the regional governmental-Protestant centres of South Germany: Karlsruhe, Stuttgart and Frankfurt.
Of the lexical maps, a third show a clear north-south divide in the region of the River Main, confirming again the finding made in Martin Durrell, 'Die Mainlinie als sprachliche Grenze' (in Dialektgeographie und Dialektologie: Gunter Bellmann zum 60.
But like a swallow that will return in springtime to the place where its heart is, Lutfi tells the officer, he will always return to the place his heart yearns for: the flea market on the banks of the River Main in Frankfurt, a lively and colorful place where people from different cultures live side by side on a daily basis.
It is old but new, a cosmopolis rebuilt after World War II into a powerful and sophisticated nerve center nicknamed Mainhattan, for its New York-like skyline that emerged along the River Main.
Today, says Frank, the history of the school which brought renown to this small village on the northern bank of the river Main is forgotten.