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Located in northeastern Germany on the River Spree, it is spread over 891.
Originally, the statue was situated on Lange Briicke over the River Spree, in imitation of Giambologna and Pietro Tacca's equestrian Henry IV on Pont Neuf, Paris.
9 km swim in the River Spree, which runs through the city of Berlin.
The alarm from a previous exposure to the liberal mores (and everything else) of a party of aged central Europeans at Berlin's Badeschiff swimming pool, a cocoon-like structure that floats on the city's River Spree, had obviously taught me nothing.
On the other just a short walk from the river Spree and directly connected to Alexanderplatz via the Jannowitzbrucke station, which is also the first stop of the Mediaspree project.
There's also the Brandenburg Gate and Museumsinsel - museum island - set on an island in the river Spree.
Needless to say there are numerous guided bikes tours available to meander along the side of the River Spree that twists and winds through the centre, or through the many large parks that grace the home of Germany's government.
Sights are plentiful - take a River Spree excursion past the green Tierpark, marvel at exhibitions in world class galleries, ride Europe's fastest elevator to the top of Berlin TV tower.
The catch, of course, is that the accent was real: She was born in Poland to a German father and Jewish mother; survived the Stutthof concentration camp, where she witnessed unspeakable horrors; lost her father shortly after the war; and was almost lost several years later to the East German police, when, as a young actress, she was a vocal critic of the Soviet-backed regimewhile performing in a production of a Bertolt Brecht play directed by Brecht's wife, she jumped into the Berlin's River Spree, in costume, where she was rescued by an American soldier whom she soon married (and then divorced).
Centered for the most part on the Museums-insel in the River Spree, the museums' buildings had been largely reduced to rubble by bombing and by street fighting during the first months of 1945.
Strandbar Mitte, one of the less touristy, is located right on the river Spree and is where Berliners come to relax on stripy deck chairs, enjoy mojitos on sand shipped in to create an artificial beach on the riverbank and watch the boats float by.
Overlooking the River Spree (the building is unmissable, thanks to its floor-to-ceiling glass wall), its two levels are packed each weekend with a mix of glammed-up fashionistas, loved-up ravers, scruffy club kids and businessmen--all moving as one to sets from some of the city's leading DJs (Ricardo Villalobos, Konrad Black, Ellen Allien).