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It is likely that the formation of the valleys started from pre-Quaternary river erosion, which was followed by glacial carving and subglacial meltwater erosion during all Pleistocene glaciations and influenced by flowing water during the interglacial periods.
Sediment loads generated within a watershed as runoff during rain events and the loads generated by river erosion processes can then be predicted.
Ever more frequent storms, river erosion and salinity intrusion are forcing people from their homes and destroying their lands.
River Erosion Model--get hands on to understand the process of erosion.
China did not endorse the Country Partnership Strategy (CPS) 2009-12 for India in the board of the ADB on the ground that the proposed India CPS involved technical assistance funding for flood and river erosion management project in Arunachal Pradesh which China claims is its territory, Krishna said.
It was then transformed into a river by the combined effects of river erosion and sedimentation, and crustal deformation.
The bridge would have carried the main Roman Dere Street road and it is thought that it probably collapsed due to river erosion during the Anglo-Saxon period.
They said the project eyed to reclaim 55 square kilometers land in Belkuchi of Sirajganj, one of the worst victims of river erosion, and another 47 square kilometers in Matharganj of Jamalpur alone.
Putting high importance on water management issue, the prime minister requested the delegates to find out a way to stop river erosion that has been gnawing at cropland in Bangladesh.