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Although this Cumberlandian species is extant in several Tennessee River tributaries and in Kentucky, the population in the Wolf River represents one of the last remaining populations in the Cumberland River system within Tennessee.
Status Number of species Reproducting populations still found in the mainstem Wabash River and its tributaries 30 Reproducing populations historically found in the mainstem Wabash River but now restricted to its tributaries 18 Reproducing populations always restricted to Wabash River tributaries 9 Extirpated from the entire Wabash River drainage 18 Total species: 75
imbecillis specimens were discovered in Holiday Lake (Lower Illinois River tributaries drainage) near Holiday Shores, Madison County on 28 June 2004 (INHS 28778).
Only those species found from at least three of the overall and Wabash River tributaries sites and two of the Wabash River sites during the 1994 survey are compared.
The flood damage in densely populated areas along the river tributaries of the Citarum River Basin is critical, therefore countermeasures for flood control is urgently required.
Fishery managers also expect to open spring chinook seasons on some Snake River tributaries in Oregon.
Dozens of Connecticut River tributaries need stocking.
A State of Emergency was declared by the Governor of Upper Nile state last week after widespread flooding was forecasted in the state's eastern counties as Yabus streams and Sobat river tributaries burst their banks as a result of heavy rain falls in Ethiopia and Sudan.
Bruce Beattie, CEO of SSWM, stated, "Governor Mario Marin Torres announced in our press conference that his Secretary of the Environment has requested from ETI an Assessment and Remedy study for Lake Valsequillo and its four river tributaries.
The document also calls for Real Wood to take steps to "ensure compliance" with the Clean Water Act by not discharging "wastes and other pollutants" into Willamette River tributaries, except under terms of a state industrial storm water permit.
Ware River tributaries - Canesto Brook, the Burnshirt and the Prince rivers - are downstream of Barre Falls Dam and not controlled.
The Governor also announced his Secretary of the Environment will request from ETI an Assessment and Remedy study for Lake Valsequillo and its four river tributaries.