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Though the riverines are focused on the maritime security mission, they also have to flex their ground combat skills.
How the riverines will fare in such a convoy is one of the things the squadron's leadership is eager to see during the exercise.
Shortly after beginning its 24-hour exercise rotation the previous night, the 2nd detachment riverines stopped at a checkpoint near a small "shantytown" made of two-story plywood homes.
Along the way, it has established new units, such as the riverines, which deployed to Iraq last month, and civil affairs teams, which are training for future deployment.
With forces such as the riverines, naval coastal warfare, force protection and other expeditionary teams, the command is well to take the lead in the coastal and inland waterways, he says.
Even as they prepare for their first deployment, officers in the Navy's Riverine Group One are contemplating potential missions beyond the imminent one in Iraq.
The squadron, the second of its type to be established under NECC, will seek to project power ashore by exploiting the riverine space using boats.
Dozens of Vietnam War veterans who had served in the Navy on similar riverine squadrons attended establishment ceremony.
This could be particularly important for the riverines, when attacked with a range of weapons.
The Navy's first riverine squadron--stood up in spring 2006--deployed to Iraq last month.
The RCB is a lethal supplement to their already menacing arsenal, giving riverine squadrons the ability to travel not only in rivers, but also out to bays and coastal regions, expanding the capabilities of command and control and the riverine squadrons' maritime security reach
Many of the manning requirements for these boats go beyond a normal riverine mission.

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