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The Transportation Research Board's National Cooperative Highway Research Program (NCHRP) recently released a report that provides recommendations for bicycle lane widths for various roadway and traffic characteristics.
Thursday's report, based on the group's analysis of Federal Highway Administration data, found that 56 percent (1,754 miles) of principal arterial roadways in Los Angeles and Orange counties are rated poor, while 36 percent (1,336 miles) are rated mediocre.
Some governmental agencies choose to resurface roadways with their own work forces, while others choose to turn over the entire maintenance procedure to a private maintenance contractor.
Two basic technologies exist for blending ground tire into roadways.
Consumers and businesses alike need accurate, reliable traffic information that spans the entire country to make important decisions about traveling our major roadways and arterials," said Bryan Mistele, co-founder and CEO of Inrix.
More and more motorized vehicles are being added to roadways that are inadequate," he says.
The issue involves whether Valley Street is a secondary, public roadway that should be kept open at its southern end to aid traffic flow.
Developing a level 1 accident prediction model requires a large amount of good quality accident and roadway data.
Army titled Dust Control Material Performance on Unsurfaced Roadways and Tank Trails, dust on leaf surfaces increases leaf temperatures and water loss, and decreases carbon dioxide uptake.
And these decreases come despite a growing population and number of motorists on roadways, the CHP noted.