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How he came there, I know not, but I heard his voice raised in a tone of imperious command, and looking towards the sound, saw him stand in the roadway.
Dashing at the black man, he smote at him with such good will that the other let his knife tinkle into the roadway, and hopped howling to a safer distance.
The old hound is the best when all is said," quoth the bailiff of Southampton, as they made back for the roadway.
So we held our peace in the odious uproar of that wide roadway thronged with heavy carts.
I had to raise my voice in the dull vibrating noise of the roadway.
His exercised eyes had made out in the confused movements of lights and shadows thronging the roadway the crawling approach of a hansom.
The Assistant Commissioner stood observing it across the roadway.
Across the roadway in the sunshine a short wooden pier jutted into the shallow pale water, which farther out had an intense blue tint contrasting unpleasantly with the green orderly slopes on the opposite shore.
I naturally began by examining the roadway, and there, as I have already explained to you, I saw clearly the marks of a cab, which, I ascertained by inquiry, must have been there during the night.
The bill includes significant roadway safety infrastructure investments that will put men and women to work right away to substantially improve the safety of America's roadways for all motorists.
Approximately 57 of 210 miles of roadway are classified as arterial/collector roadways or major roadways.
Even though traffic-related death rates in the United States and other high-income countries have been declining steadily for several decades, death tolls on the roadways of the world s poorer countries have been skyrocketing.