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Companies wishing to carry out roadworks in the Sandwell borough will now have to apply for a permit to do the work under a new scheme, which will come into force later this month.
Across the country 200 miles of roadworks are being lifted to make more than 97% of motorways and strategic A roads roadworks-free in time for Christmas.
Manager Max Cairns said: "Constant roadworks are making it practically impossible to run an efficient service.
A19 Southbound at Holystone, roadworks until March 2019.
Mr Norman said: "Roadworks can be frustrating, especially when they cause hold-ups at busy times.
Highways England said its plans were aimed at reducing drivers' frustrations with roadworks.
'We were alerted of the issue this morning and checks revealed that the roadworks were completed at 2pm yesterday.
There have been a number of new roadworks popping up around the city centre, bringing the capital to a standstill.
So, while other major roadworks across the UK are suspended over Christmas and New Year, restrictions will remain in place.
It happened yesterday morning when Holloway Circus, the entrance for motorists heading to Bullring, Grand Central and New Street Station, had lane closures due to major roadworks.