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ROARING. A disease among horses occasioned by the circumstance of the neck of the windpipe being too narrow for accelerated respiration; the disorder is frequently produced by sore throat or other topical inflammation.
     2. A horse affected with this malady is rendered less serviceable, and he is therefore unsound. 2 Stark. R. 81; S. C. 3 Eng. Com. Law Rep. 255; 2 Camp. R. 523.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Winner of the corresponding event 12 months ago off a mark of 77, Roaring Forties was rated just 60 when beating Harbour Patrol by threequarters of a length at Ayr and travelled through that race like a very well-handicapped horse.
The new search area "has moved out of the Roaring Forties (strong westerly winds), which creates very adverse weather frequently", AMSA chief John Young told reporters in Canberra.
Eight hours into its blind 'ghost' ride, the ill-fated plane finally ran out of fuel before catastrophically plunging into the ocean in the remote waters of roaring forties.
Indeed his Roaring Forties show positively embraces having reached the half-way point in life (to the point of pitching up in an awful purple suit), even though there's still plenty to complain about.
Ed Byrne: Roaring Forties The Irish, self–confessed "miserable old git" jokes about reaching middle age and embracing his 40s, at Glasgow's Pavilion Theatre.
Designers have plundered styles from the Dashing Twenties and Roaring Forties through to the Sensational Seventies, all underpinned by glamour in the lingerie department.
The ships were mostly trade vessels that had travelled down the west coast of Africa to hit the roaring forties.
This persistent synoptic range across the zone climatically known as the Roaring Forties has seen a changed summertime stance also.
The journal like entries of their trip around the north and north west of Australia, and then across the Roaring Forties, make for fascinating reading.
The island is often enveloped in frontal systems sweeping up from the Southern Hemisphere's "Roaring Forties" latitudes.
Far from enduring a troublesome 'thirty-something' spell, the Fiesta is more like flirty thirty-something - heading confi-dently for its roaring forties.
In past races the fleet has covered the Indian Ocean in the lower latitudes, surfing wildly along the Roaring Forties, Frothing Fifties and Screaming Sixties (the degrees of latitude) on strong westerly winds bound for Australia or New Zealand.