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ROBBER. One who commits a robbery. One who feloniously and forcibly takes goods or money to any value from the person of another by violence or putting him, in fear.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"You shall sleep with me to-night, with all my animals," said the little robber maiden.
"I always sleep with the knife," said the little robber maiden.
"Do you choose to be quiet?" said the robber maiden.
When the mother had taken a sup at her flask, and was having a nap, the little robber maiden went to the Reindeer, and said, "I should very much like to give you still many a tickling with the sharp knife, for then you are so amusing; however, I will untether you, and help you out, so that you may go back to Lapland.
The robber maiden lifted up little Gerda, and took the precaution to bind her fast on the Reindeer's back; she even gave her a small cushion to sit on.
"I can't bear to see you fretting," said the little robber maiden.
And Gerda stretched out her hands with the large wadded gloves towards the robber maiden, and said, "Farewell!" and the Reindeer flew on over bush and bramble through the great wood, over moor and heath, as fast as he could go.
They drove through the dark wood; but the carriage shone like a torch, and it dazzled the eyes of the robbers, so that they could not bear to look at it.
A light was procured accordingly, and the robber proceeded to examine the purse.
``A forfeit a forfeit,'' shouted the robbers; ``a Saxon hath thirty zecchins, and returns sober from a village!
what!'' exclaimed all the robbers at once; ``darest thou trifle with us, that thou tellest such improbable lies?''
The Disinherited Knight was filled with astonishment, no less at the generosity of Rebecca, by which, however, he resolved he would not profit, than that of the robbers, to whose profession such a quality seemed totally foreign.