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Lithological and structural control of Hattian Bala rock avalanche triggered by the Kashmir earthquake 2005, NW Himalaya, Pakistan.
Many liquefaction features were observed along the creeks eroded within the sediments of the Holocene paleolake related to the RA-2 rock avalanche.
The researchers predicted an increase in rock avalanches due to the shrinking glacial ice as well as changes in the geometry of the underlying bedrock--an especially troubling finding given not only the presence of the railway tunnel, but also a number of buildings located on the glacier above the bedrock.
construction of remediation measures is intended to remove, segregate or otherwise eliminate impacted rock avalanches.
The middle chapters treat a long list of specific landslide types, discussing their mechanisms, prediction, and management: coseismic landslides, volcanic debris avalanches, peat landslides, rock-snow-ice avalanches, landslide-damming episodes, rock avalanches onto glaciers, and paleolandslides.
Other perils on its snaking 40 miles include rock avalanches, fog and trucks squeezing by each other on its stony surface, often a 10ft-wide track.
It included two rock avalanches that happened 90 minutes apart and triggered 16 small earthquakes, according to data recorded at the school's seismograph station.