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The average PLTI parallel and normal to the planes of weakness for different rock layers are presented in Figures 6 and 7.
Identifying the need to produce better more detailed maps/logs of the subsurface, Adrok combined this need with its technology design to produce an entirely new concept--the 'Virtual Borehole'--to provide non-destructively from the surface a classification of the rock layers and fluid content of the subsurface," he continues.
In part this is because there is little "classical geology" dating from the time of the formation of the Earth -- no rock layers, etc.
It will spend the next three months investigating the Moon's surface and its underlying rock layers, under remote control.
In the Ayukawa field, Japex produced only about 31 kilolitres of crude oil by injecting hydrochloric acid fluid into the rock layers to dissolve lime rocks and pumped it up with high-pressure gas.
In Oga, there are rock layers similar to those in Yurihonjo which are expected to bear oil.
Although HRT found no commercial oil in its first drilling in the Walvis Basin, the well reportedly encountered two oil generating source rock layers and some samples contained good quality, light oil.
To further complicate the situation, there are voids, cracks and spaces between the solid rock layers.
Thus the Devonian Period is named after rock layers found near the village of Devon, in England.
As for the hunt for carbon, all eyes are on Curiosity, set to drive later this year to the base of a mountain where rock layers containing clay minerals have been detected.
The process involves "fracking" - hydraulic fracturing of rock layers by high-pressure fluid - to release shale gas for extraction from the ground.
com)-- Bell Geospace, the World leaders in Gravity Gradiometry, has been contracted by the United States Geological Survey to assist in a comprehensive, high-resolution airborne survey to study the rock layers in northeastern Iowa and southeastern Minnesota.