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In normal conditions the car runs as front-wheel drive but has a simple on-demand 4x4 system selected via a rocker switch just behind the gear lever.
Combining off-road performance with the agility of a front-wheel drive hatchback, the Sedici is fitted with a new, on-demand 4x4 system which features an electrically controlled centre differential and three operating modes ( 2WD, AUTO and LOCK ( activated by a three-way transmission control rocker switch housed in the centre console.
The system runs on diesel until the vegetable oil tank is heated, then the driver manually changes the fuel via a rocker switch on the instrument panel.
Toggle the rocker switch on the dash to the highest point and the vehicle rises by more than 3-in.
Standard features include a photocell for automatic start/stop, a rocker switch for manual operation, and automatic stop when shred bag is full.
Volume and speed options are controlled with a rocker switch, requiring only a minimal amount of pressure to operate.
A convenient rocker switch on the handgrip allows you to change from forward to reverse with a click, or you can lock the head if, for some reason, you want to drive a screw manually.
ZeeLights are fully dimmable and feature a high/off/low Euro-style rocker switch.
A rubber rocker switch to select between Celsius and Fahrenheit and display HOLD are also included.
For long slow zoom, I still prefer the rocker switch instead of the ring.
With practice, a user can disengage the rocker switch almost as fast as drawing the gun with no strap in place.
Then, a separate ambidextrous rocker switch gives you the option of locking your selection in the on position or, if you press in the opposite direction, the spring loaded switch only stays on while pressure is applied, It is a very simple and easy to use and should adapt well to a variety of tactical situations.