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When I think back to my great-grandfather building rocking chairs to make a life for his family, I hope to always remember to recognize that stories like his, those of perseverance, are the reasons we have the lifestyles we enjoy today.
An impressive standalone piece, this Victorian-style slipper rocking chair comes in a variety of antique shades, including blue, brown, red, green and tan.
I don't know about you, but when I hit 65 I'm definitely going to want the magazine for people who sit around in their rocking chairs.
I'd love a Victorian-style rocking chair to relax on.
Shaker's Slat-Back version, pounds 429, or Ercol's at pounds 560 are classics for rocking chair devotees.
Urban trees are transformed into guitars, cabinets, and rocking chairs, distilling the natural beauty of the urban forest into stylish art.
At Newark's Terminal B, a circle of thirteen wooden, white-painted rocking chairs.
More recently, at Damasquine, the central piece, Etoile d'Amour for Harry, 2002, was a saraband of rocking chairs suspended from the ceiling on which pairs of large multicolored teddy bears--Elmer and Ducky, Janos and Shaan, and Gauch and Pedro--seemed carried away by speed.
Their white stucco house, which sits at the heart of the small campus, is open to any of the 187 students and at any given time of day there are students in the rocking chairs, students in the kitchen or students helping Mr.
Speaking in an interview in Night and Day magazine, he said: "Alex and I could never be called minimalists - we're into fireplaces, and rocking chairs.
Imagine yourself on a wide front porch filled with rocking chairs or in a cozy room by a fire as your grandmother regales you with homey tales of her childhood in a small Alabama town.
He makes 10 different chair designs, from rocking chairs to children's dining chairs.