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Picture it," said he, "a rocking-horse for a child not three months old
In the faint light and silence, the imperturbably calm dolls, the agitated rocking-horses with distended eyes and nostrils, the old gentlemen at the street-doors, standing half doubled up upon their failing knees and ankles, the wry-faced nut-crackers, the very Beasts upon their way into the Ark, in twos, like a Boarding School out walking, might have been imagined to be stricken motionless with fantastic wonder, at Dot being false, or Tackleton beloved, under any combination of circumstances.
He had seen a rocking-horse in Harrods and asked me to make a grey one with a grey mane and tail," said Robert, who uses real horse hair.
Men like that are as rare as rocking-horse poo - but the lesson of this week's EastEnders is that nothing is ever quite as it seems.