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ROD. A measure sixteen feet and a half long; a perch.

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In kayak fishing, you are better off retying a lure than having a rod set up for every lure you think you will need that day.
I hid my disappointment and the rod turned out to be a delight.
Aside from the Innovator Award, Rat Rod received 9 other MMPA Excellence Awards including its third consecutive top honor (Gold) for cover design in its category.
Take it easy inserting the clearing rod so you don't damage the muzzle crown.
Additional information and film clips and pre-sale tickets links (when available) are at the Rat Rod Rockers
As Rod himself said years later: "I've always thought that I was very lucky because that bomb fell just a stone's throw from where I lived.
GMP's Powered Duct Rod Pusher comes with a gasoline-driven power pack, hoses and is mounted on a lightweight, corrosion-resistant steel frame.
I use an uncoated, stainless steel rod for my large hunting and tactical rifles.
More next week about the SALT boat fishing prize rod and and MACH 2 barbel rod - each supplied with a MACH 3 front-drag reel in de-luxe case with spare spools.
For the blind mice, Swaroop and other researchers would have to figure out how to make new rod cells.
Mature rod cells, by contrast, haven't integrated well with existing tissues.