Rogatory Letters

Rogatory Letters

A commission from one judge to another judge requesting the latter to examine a witness in his or her court, with the testimony to be provided to the first judge.

Rogatory letters can be sent to a court in a sister state or to a court or judge in a foreign country (usually they are sent through diplomatic channels). Granting the request is a matter of comity—courtesy and respect—between courts.

rogatory letters

n. a written request by a judge to a judge in another state asking that a witness in the other state have his/her testimony taken in the other state's court for use in the local court case. (See: deposition, testimony, witness)

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At the end of 2015, the case was brought to the attention of Eurojust with an initial request to facilitate the execution of Italian rogatory letters towards Spain, Belgium and France and to possibly coordinate relevant activities at EU level.
He said the public prosecution opened on April 12 a criminal investigation and that the investigating judge in charge of the investigation has already issued rogatory letters and heard several people including the official of electronic website "Inkyfada ".
Investigatory Lokpal can obtain Lokpal can issue Powers wiretaps, issue contempt orders, and rogatory letters, has the ability to and recruit punish those in investigating contempt.
The Public Prosecution addressed legal rogatory letters to judicial authorities in a number of other countries to launch an inquiry in connection with the massive laundering case so as to uncover the source of the money and identify the launderers.
NNA - Caretaker Minister of Interior and Municipalities Marwan Charbel said on Thursday, after his meeting with outgoing Prime Minister Najib Mikati at the Grand Serail, that the Lebanese judiciary began collecting names of the shooters in Tripoli and issuing rogatory letters as well as arrest warrants against them.
Based on this, the CBI had sent rogatory letters to US authorities.
These methods and strategies at international level refers to the legal institutions of extradition, rogatory letters, enforcement of the final sentences issued by other states, seizure and confiscation proceeds for crimes committed abroad, and new ways of cooperation between national agencies of different countries in the area of crime investigation and financial, banking and property crimes.
litigation who have obtained rogatory letters allowing them to examine witnesses in Canada.
Eurojust may facilitate the execution of rogatory letters and implement extradition requests, in close co-operation with the European Judicial Network (EJN) for criminal matters.
Beyond facilitating the exchange of rogatory letters, preventing conflicts of jurisdiction, and ensuring a clear division of tasks among key stakeholders, Eurojust acted as the unique platform for judicial cooperation at EU level while coordinating all activities until the end of the operation.
Ghannouchi pointed out that rogatory letters had been issued against several people who fled the country and the charges against them had been confirmed, including notably voluntary manslaughter, incitement to murder and others such as high treason.
Apart from that, the rapporteur backs the Council proposal to regularise the procedures and formalities imposed for executing rogatory letters and to allow legal authorities to make direct applications for mutual assistance without having to go through diplomatic or Ministerial channels.