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ROGUE. A French word, which in that language signifies proud, arrogant. In some of the ancient English statutes it means an idle, sturdy beggar, which is its meaning in law. Rogues are usually punished as vagrants. Although the word rogue is a word of reproach, yet to charge one as a rogue is not actionable. 5 Binn. 219. See 2 Dev. 162 Hardin, 529.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Under the deal, Grown Rogue obtains the option to acquire a 51% ownership of Inferno Gardens, subject to state regulatory approval, for a one-time payment of USD 250,000 due upon the signing of the definitive agreement with a deposit of USD 50,000 submitted in conjunction with the execution of the Agreement;
In his follow-up post on his Facebook account, You explains his belief that Tsai Ing-wen is incapable of defeating this 'New Rogue' and that it must fall to William Lai to protect Taiwan.
Grown Rogue said the acquisition adds another brand into the Grown Rogue portfolio of brands, enabling the company to continue growing market share.
Also available are the Rogue X hybrids, which are aimed at players seeking the ultimate in distance and forgiveness.
In one case, a rogue trader conned a Warwickshire resident out of PS25,000 after knocking at his door to claim a tile on his roof was loose.
Rogue. Notice also, Reader: If those six had recused themselves as they should have, Calida's quo warranto petition would be in the trash can now, where it belongs.
ProPilot Assist in the Rogue is a Level 1 self-driving system, enabling the vehicle to control speed, distance from other cars, and keeping the car in the intended lane with minimal input from the driver.
Rogue planets, also known as orphan planets, simply orbit the center of the galaxy, in the absence of a star to revolve around.
In [44], Zhang and Chen have gained one kind of rogue waves by the interaction between positive quadratic function and hyperbolic cosine function.
For some decades, some researchers have focused on the rogue waves which were firstly used by Draper [1].
By NEIL ELKES Political Correspondent @neilelkes A BIRMINGHAM MP is calling on the Government to act on rogue landlords after a flurry of complaints.