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The IRS will not raise an issue over the application of rolling average on federal tax returns filed before June 25, 2008, that follow this procedure, and it will not pursue the issue further in examinations or appeals of such returns.
In addition, because there is an increasing number of inventory costing systems that use a rolling average cost, a continuation of the ban puts taxpayers at risk.
Rolling averages represent average weekly revenue levels during the most recent 13-week period; in the 14th week, the first week drops off and is not included in the calculation.
Results from the 1month readings and 3- and 6-month rolling average assessment methods were then compared to determine variations in the Hb spread (defined as the difference between the highest and lowest mean Hb levels within each percentile grouping).
The fund pays quarterly common stock distributions at the annual rate of 7% of the rolling average of the prior four calendar quarter-end net asset values (NAVs), with the fourth quarter distribution being the greater of 1.
The poll of polls is calculated using a rolling average of every nationwide poll published over the past seven days.
Following the release of the draft three-month rolling average federal upper limits (FULs) by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), the National Association of Chain Drug Stores and National Community Pharmacists Association (NCPA) submitted a joint letter to the agency addressing its latest effort to provide fair and accurate pharmacy reimbursement for Medicaid patients.
5% over the last 23 months and also well in excess of the 12 month rolling average of 43.
Conversely, decreases in the five-week rolling average have been followed by increases in spending a week later.
The bad debt charge as a percentage of its rolling average portfolio is currently marginally below the target range of 1.
Actual base capital plans may use a rolling average to fix the target capital for the cooperative.