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POPE. The chief of the catholic religion is so called. He is a temporal prince. He is elected by certain officers called cardinals, and remains in power during life. In the 9th Collation of the Authentics it is declared the bishop of Rome hath the first place of sitting in all assemblies, and the bishop of Constantinople the second. Ridley's View, part 1, chap. 3, sect. 10.
     2. The pope has no political authority in the United States.

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the Roman pope chose to visit Korea on the day when we carried out the test-firing of our latest tactical rocket,'' the Korean Central News Agency quoted Kim In Yong as saying.
Black smoke billowed into the night air above the Vatican, indicating that no one had gained the two-thirds majority needed to become the 266th Roman pope.
Roman Pope John Paul II and Catholicos of All Armenian Karekin II made a joint statement in Vatican.