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The following historical events and artistic landmarks were analysed: legend of the origin of the town, the Ticino river and the history of the town, life in the pre-Roman village, religion, the Roman period and its legend, the covered bridge, the Barbarian invasion, under the reign of Theodoricus, the Longobardic period (king Alboin and his wife, queen Theodolinda; king Liutprand), the Romanic period: churches and the crowning of kings, Commune: the towers; life in the commune, from commune to seignory: Gian Galeazzo Visconti and the castle
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The Germanic, Romanic, and Eastern European culture are developing a "health care ethics" which is therefore rather different from the dominant Anglo-American mainstream.
Gramatica, configuracions i referencia: per una teoria alternativa del prodrop romanic.
We have divided Europe into northern countries and Romanic countries.
A particularly important piece in The Heart of Spain is the reproduction of the entire Romanic Chapel, which will remain at the AMoA permanently.
But this reading ignores both the ironic self-commentary of Heine's early writings as well as the title of one of his last collections of poetry, "Romanzero," which clearly names its Romantic affiliation; the unconventional form of this title calls especially upon the Romance tradition and romanic orthography.
She is the author of Love in the theatre of Marivaux (Droz 1970) and has published articles in journals such as Romanic Review, Australian Journal of French Studies, L'Esprit Createur, Forum, Neophilologus, Orbis Literarum, Claudel Studies.
Jennifer's breast cancer is tragic, and Anne's romanic disillusionment makes us sad.
Some of her essays can be found in Romanic Review, Literature/Film Quarterly, Women's Studies, Discourse, and Film Quarterly as well as in various critical collections.