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Next, I don't think there was anything romantic in Tudor's attempting to kiss me, nor anything like adventure in this absurd duel.
Avonlea is the dearest place in the world, but it isn't quite romantic enough for the scene of a story.
But you--you can go out into the world, the mysterious world, do as you will, go where you will, wander here, wander there, follow any bye-way that takes your fancy, put up at old inns, make strange acquaintances, have all kinds of romantic experiences-- Oh, to be a man for a fortnight, your younger brother for a fortnight
Essays by Azade Seyhan, Richarda Schmidt and Margarete Kohlenbach frame the more topical chapters on genre or specific issue, as they adeptly retell many stories about Romanticism with which we are familiar: of Romantics early and late, affinities and antagonisms with Goethe, Schiller, Fichte and Kant, the Romantics' unambiguously modern aesthetic sensibility, and their decidedly ambiguous political legacy.
we have examinations of the relationship of poets and antiquity, meter and form, the poets' use of English, verse as a medium of intellectual examination, the relation between Romantic poetry and the Romantic novel, Wordsworth's Intimations of Immortality, poetry's relation to 'sexuality' and 'gender', the Romantics and the British Empire, the 'science of nostalgia", the relationship of lyric poetry to Romantic poetry, the position of Romantic verse in the new age of electronic learning and.
About 75 aspiring romantics turned out for the occasion.
We preferred to let our chapters model how Romantics thought through and debated larger issues.
Picking up where Shaffer and Tannenbaum left off, Balfour offers a more extensive analysis than had been previously available of the ways in which biblical prophecy had been made available to the romantics as a literary mode redefined by eighteenth-century biblical scholars, particularly Robert Lowth, William Warburton, Richard Hurd, Johann Gottfried Herder and Johann Gottfried Eichhorn.
The new historicist approach to the Romantics, pioneered by Jerome McGann and Marjorie Levinson in the 1980s, launched a correction of this general situation, but only since the mid-1990s have literary scholars shown any interest in the specific topic of the book under review.
Unlike in the metro art economy, in which blatant self-promotion and gold lust are required to be guilt-ridden if not entirely verboten impulses, the value system that supports the Black Romantics revolves explicitly around commercial visibility and entrepreneurial accomplishment.
Over the past two decades romantic studies scholarship has focused its efforts on de-romanticizing the romantics, on refiguring and diversifying our understanding of the categories "Romantic" and "Romanticism," and on expanding the traditional romantic literary canon.
Gay's romantics are the familiar idle dreamers of postromantic confection, their "single .