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AIR. That fluid transparent substance which surrounds our globe.
     2. No property can be had in the air it belongs equally to all men, being indispensable to their existence. To poison or materially to change the air, to the annoyance of the public, is a nuisance. Cro. Cr. 610; 2 Ld. Raym 1163; I Burr. 333; 1 Str. 686 Hawk. B. 1, c. 75, s. 10; Dane's Ab. Index h.t. But this must be understood with this qualification, that no one has a right to use the air over another man's land, in such a manner as to be injurious to him. See 4 Campb. 219; Bowy. Mod. Civ. Law, 62; 4 Bouv. Inst. n. 36 1; Grot. Droit de la Guerre et de la Paix, liv. 2, c. 2, Sec. 3, note, 3 et 4.
     3. It is the right of the proprietor of an estate to enjoy the light and air that will come to him, and, in general, no one has a right to deprive him of them; but sometimes in building, a man opens windows over his neighbor's ground, and the latter, desirous of building on his own ground, necessarily stops the windows already built, and deprives the first builder of light and air; this he has the right to do, unless the windows are ancient lights, (q.v.) or the proprietor has acquired a right by grant or prescription to have such windows open. See Crabb on R. P. Sec. 444 to 479 and Plan. Vide Nuisance.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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This is because the effectiveness of different designs of air cleaners and filtering methods varies depending upon what particles you need to remove from the room air.
The role of IGFs in mediating the differentiation process was investigated by adding a fresh dose of IGF-1 or IGF-2 (100ng/mL) with every medium change for 14 days under room air or low oxygen tension conditions (Figures 3(a) and 3(b)).
The chamber was constructed to provide equilibrium between the room air temperature and the mean radiant temperature.
If a diffuser has too short a throw, such as at low airflow rates in cooling mode, it may detach from the ceiling before it has entrained enough air to warm up and mix enough with the room air. The result is that the cold air will fall into the space.
where d[theta]/dz is the vertical temperature gradient of room air in [degrees]C/m ([degrees]F/ft), and [PHI] is the point source heat flux in W (Btu/h).
Additionally, ENERGY STAR qualified room air conditioners use 10 to 25 percent less energy than a conventional new model or up to 40 percent less energy than a 10-year-old unit.
In the US there is a strong bias in favor of central air conditioning, with room air conditioners comprising less than 20 percent of cooling demand in value terms.
Choosing a more efficient room air conditioner saves money, especially since it decreases your energy use during peak demand periods, when electricity rates may be highest.
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