Roommate bills not paid

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I have a huge problem. For 3 years my husband, daughter, and I were living with a friend who was our roommate who agreed to pay half of all incoming bills to sustain our household. For 1 1/2 years of this verbal agreement he did not have any income, but we kept him up under friendship and the agreement that he would pay his debts when he came into money. Since then, he has moved back into his mothers home in Marysville, Washington, and is planning vacations and is showing signs of luxury via internet communication with myself and my friends. We have approached him with the option of paying us back $2053 in increments of $200 a month starting January 1st, but he has refused this option. Is there any way I can sue him for this money? Particularly because he is in Washington state, and we are in New York State?


You can sue him in small claims if he indeed agreed he would pay...
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