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Veterinary dentists avoid performing this procedure on older patients, as there is a higher risk of failure compared to root canal therapy.
Once diagnosed root canal therapy or surgical extraction of the affected tooth is the treatment of choice (13) and an antibiotic coverage acts as an adjunct to surgical therapy.
An evaluation of etiologic factors for root canal therapy.
Root canal therapy in such type of traumatized teeth is mandatory.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Scientists say they have made an epoch-making advancement towards the next big treatment revolution in dentistry - the era in which root canal therapy brings diseased teeth back to life, rather than leaving a "non-vital" or dead tooth in the mouth.
Eight American academics draw on 150-plus years of combined experience in developing and teaching graduate endodontic programs and in managing private practices to create an easy-to-use, workbook approach to the provision of reliable nonsurgical root canal therapy.
Critics say this means they are more likely to extract a tooth than try to save it using lengthy root canal therapy.
In spite of the seeming success of root canal therapy, Price discovered that the bacteria that caused the infection penetrated most of the dentin tubules and were not destroyed during the supposed sterilization process during root canal therapy.
None of the 30 people reported any post-treatment effects such as sensitivity, gingival irritation, tooth fracture, or a need for root canal therapy from tooth nerve damage (JADA 126.