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The system area on a floppy disk consists of three sections: 1) the boot record, 2) the file allocation table (FAT), and 3) the root directory.
Some installation programs, such as WilsonDisc, copy a batch file to call up the application to the root directory of the volume that contains the application software.
A secret disk is stored as a hidden, read/only, system file stored in the root directory of a hard or floppy disk.
A new API enables customers to house content outside the server's root directory, and safely serve it only after positive validation of the user.
Now you should have two batch files -- auto exec and poetry -- in the root directory of your C: drive.
Nasdaq:VRSN), to provide the Object Naming Service (ONS) root directory for the EPCglobal Network, it was announced today.
This would accomplish the task of changing to the WordPerfect directory, starting WordPerfect, and returning to the root directory.