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VeriSign will apply its breadth and depth of expertise to operate the root directory of the EPCglobal Network, and to deliver a suite of integrated value added managed services that allow trading partners throughout the supply chain to securely discover and share product data in real-time.
MP3 and ZIP files, then relocates them to the C:\ root directory.
Electrom's plug-in e-Commerce is unique for it also provides open root directory access using FrontPage or FTP, giving small businesses the ability to truly develop their e-Business sites.
It then copies itself into the root directory of the computer.
This makes application installation, file navigation and Find File easier by removing the need to work in the UNIX root directory in favor of user-specified directories.
Another feature extends the limitations of the Windows 95 root directory for long file names.
BAT file to the new subdirectory, and deletes it from the root directory.