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firstly, the new rotor had to be suited to the old shaft, which is not a standard process for the internationally active experts in industrial fans.
"Our team of engineers tailored the new rotor to the current standards.
Mallari said he was delighted at seeing rotor operators dancing to synchronize the lights and music which, he noted, was reason enough to keep the tradition alive.
Three dimensional models taking into account the rotor speed and inherent nonlinearities are prepared for each study case.
As can be seen from Figure 2, the response in the middle and the extending end (free end) of the rotor is greater than other positions.
The Establishment of the Energy Equation of Flexible Rotor Model.
A complete analysis of a three-phase IM with broken rotor bars, including experimental verification, can be found in [25].
The cycloidal rotor has the potential to be developed into an unmanned aerial vehicle that can combine the high-speed characteristics of a conventional fixed-wing craft with the hovering capability of the helicopter.
A flat wall up to the projected area of the rotor was placed vertically parallel to vertical axis of the rotor at the downstream side.
The prediction of full domain rotor wakes in these codes no longer requires the added complexity of estimating inflow angles outside the computational domain, instead relying on a direct simulation of the entire flow field.
For controlling the rotor-to-stator rubbing, many works investigated control forces acting directly on the rotor to minimize rotor vibration, for example, [7-12].
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