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ROUBLE. The name of a coin. The rouble of Russia, as money of account, is deemed and taken at the custom-house, to be of the value of seventy-five cents. Act March 3, 1843.

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"Here, sir: as we say ten copecks the rouble a month, so I must take fifteen copecks from a rouble and a half for the month in advance.
"How twenty-one roubles?" I asked in some agitation, with a show of being offended; "if you count me it will not be twenty-one, but twenty-eight roubles."
I flushed crimson, as I did so I remembered that I had owed Simonov fifteen roubles for ages--which I had, indeed, never forgotten, though I had not paid it.
All I had was nine roubles, I had to give seven of that to my servant, Apollon, for his monthly wages.
I seized my hat and, trying not to look at Apollon, who had been all day expecting his month's wages, but in his foolishness was unwilling to be the first to speak about it, I slipped between him and the door and, lumping into a high-class sledge, on which I spent my last half rouble, I drove up in grand style to the Hotel de Paris.
Next morning my father happened to give me two government loan bonds to sell, worth nearly five thousand roubles each.
"And his father," he added, for the prince's instruction, "and his father would have given a man a ticket to the other world for ten roubles any day--not to speak of ten thousand!"
Give Parfen my compliments,' she says, 'and thank him very much!' Well, I meanwhile had borrowed twenty-five roubles from a friend, and off I went to Pskoff to my aunt's.
"And how do YOU know that he left two million and a half of roubles?" asked Rogojin, disdainfully, and no deigning so much as to look at the other.
During this period, they spent 141.23 bln roubles on overseas trips (excluding flights).
Russia's No 2 oil producer Lukoil said its first-quarter net income fell by 59 per cent to 42.8 billion roubles ($651.3 million) due to slumping oil prices, missing analysts forecasts.
Moscow: Russia's Rouble touched a new all-time low against the Euro of over 51.20 Roubles per Euro on Monday.