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ROUBLE. The name of a coin. The rouble of Russia, as money of account, is deemed and taken at the custom-house, to be of the value of seventy-five cents. Act March 3, 1843.

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2% due to the collapse of the rouble, spiking interest rates and western sanctions over Ukraine.
This is because the cost bases of these companies in roubles would decrease relative to their revenue streams, as domestic prices for coking coal in roubles are indirectly linked to the international benchmark price, which is set in US dollars.
3 billion roubles, but it was a third of the 102 billion roubles which Rosneft reported in the first quarter.
As a result of the 35% depreciation of the rouble over this period, prices in dollar terms decreased by 12% from $2.
Many have been hit hard by previous currency crises and they didn't want to be left with their life savings in worthless roubles.
The rouble dived again as Central Bank support for the Russian currency faltered.
The employer pays the tax in roubles on the expatriate's behalf by converting hard currency into roubles at the bank and wiring the funds to the Russian Revenue.
Nevertheless, we would expect an inflow in December given seasonal demand for roubles due to year-end tax payments, implying an aggregate 2010 outflow of around $25bn.
Interfax news agency earlier this week quoted a Belarussian source as saying Belarus had asked Russia for a 100 billion rouble loan as a pre-condition for switching to Russian roubles in bilateral trade.
Tensions between Ukraine and Russia might indirectly affect the Finnish economy, mostly through a decrease in the value of the Russian rouble.
The national rail carrier of the Russian Federation has witnessed 23% fall in Ebitia in last year to Roubles 356bn, while its net profit dropped by 12% to Roubles 183bn due to the offloading of Freight One s shares.
5 per cent on Thursday to prop up the rouble but failed to stop the currency sinking to a new low.