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We're involved in almost every stage of the diamond pipeline: exploration, mining, sorting, valuing and selling rough diamonds; marketing and selling polished diamonds and jewellery; and developing synthetic diamonds for industrial use.
"Dubai is the third biggest diamond trading hub in the world with $16.7 billion of rough diamonds traded in 2017, and will continue to play a central role for the diamond trade," Ahmed Bin Sulayem added.
Many of CDGI's International Diamond Trade Clientele further engaged CDGI's world class artisans to cut/polish their acquired Premium Rough Diamonds to the highest specifications within the Trade to achieve maximum value from the corresponding Premium Rough Diamonds.
The event reflects Dubai's global leadership in Diamond trading given its key geographical location and strong expertise in the rough diamonds market.
It also provides information about Botswana's diamond reserves, historic and forecast data on rough diamond production and production by selected mines, the competitive landscape and active and development diamond projects.
Rough diamond sales (millions of ct) YTD 2015 * 2014 2013 Alrosa 22.9 39.6 38.0 De Beers 16.3 32.7 29.3 Rio Tinto 13.2 13.9 16.0 Petra Diamonds 1.7 3.1 2.5 Total 54.1 89.3 85.8 Rough diamond production (millions of ct) Alrosa 29.6 36.2 36.9 De Beers 21.7 32.6 31.2 Rio Tinto 13.2 13.9 16.0 Petra Diamonds 2.4 3.1 2.7 Total 66.9 85.8 86.8 (Source: Moody's; * First nine months of 2015) Diamond sales and production 2013-present.
Gain an understanding of the precious metals and diamond mining industry in Zimbabwe, PGM reserves, historic and forecast data on platinum and rough diamond production, demand drivers, active, exploration and development precious metals (platinum) and diamond projects, the competitive landscape and the country's fiscal regime.
India's long-held position as the world's top diamond polisher is being challenged by soaring output from China compelling it to seek help from ally and top rough diamond supplier Russia to defend its market share.
Peter Meeus, Chairman, Dubai Diamond Exchange, said, "As the key distribution and trading partner for Debswana, the DDE has been engaged in direct talks with De Beers and sight-holders to ensure that we are providing the services and products required to absorb the $6 billion of rough diamond sales that has now shifted from London to Gaborone.
Rough diamond prices rose around 25% last year according to International Diamond Consultants Ltd, whilst polished stones' prices remained largely unchanged.
Also, at the normal tender for Letseng's output, a 4.68-carat rough blue diamond was sold for $155,000 per carat, the highest price per carat achieved for a Letseng rough diamond, the company said.
Indicative of the recovery in diamond markets, De Beers has reported an 84 percent increase in the value of its rough diamond sales for the first half of 2010 to US$2.6 billion (P17.9 billion).