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Directly observed lateral distension of the uterus, with or without rupture, accompanied by displacement of the round ligament reflection laterally
KEY WORDS: Pregnancy, Round ligament, Ultrasonography, Varicosity.
The differential diagnosis includes indirect inguinal hernia, endometriosis of the round ligament, inguinal lymphadenopathy, volvovaginal cysts and tumors, such as Bartholin's cyst or abscess, leiomyoma, lipoma, sarcoma, and epidermal cyst.
Surgical repositioning can also be done through laparotomy using the Huntington procedure, holding the round ligaments and the uterus below the area of inversion and slowly pulling up repeatedly until the uterus is reinverted.
The patient was advised excision of the swelling along with diagnostic laparoscopy which revealed a mass attached to the round ligament just above and lateral to the right pubic tubercle about 2x2 cm (Figure-1).
Kishimota et al suggested that most paraovarian cysts were homogenous, near the ipsilateral round ligament and uterus (9).
1) In medioposition, the gallbladder is displaced medially to the base of the quadrate lobe (segment 4) but remains to the right of the round ligament.
Differential Dx of Appendicitis Nonobstetric Conditions Urinary calculi Cholelithiasis Cholecystitis Bowel obstruction Gastroenteritis Mesenteric adenitis Colonic carcinoma Rectus hematoma Acute intermittent porphyria Perforated duodenal ulcer Pneumonia Meckel's diverticulum Obstetric Conditions Preterm labor Abruptio placentae Chorioamnionitis Adnexal torsion Ectopic pregnancy Pelvic inflammatory disease Round ligament pain Uteroovarian vein rupture Carneous degeneration of myomas Uterine rupture (placenta percreta; rudimentary horn) Source: Dr.
The differential diagnosis of abdominal pain in a gravid patient includes placental abruption, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, appendicitis, intussusception, pyelonephritis, round ligament syndrome, hydronephrosis, ovarian torsion, uterine fibroid degeneration, ovarian cysts or tumors, intra-abdominal and rectus muscle abscesses, and Crohn's disease with diffuse peritoneal inflammation.
On either side of the uterus, connecting it to the side wall of the pelvic cavity, is the broad ligament, which also encloses a Fallopian tube and an ovary and a ligament called a round ligament, which supports the uterus.