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Monday's market repurchases are limited to 300 round lots (25% of 120,000 shares), but one block purchase of 5,000 shares from a large shareholder is negotiated for a total co st of $147,500.
The site was a challenge: a 100-foot round lot in a grove of madrone, cedar, and fir up to 120 feet tall.
During the period following the Termination Date in which the Trustee holds the underlying securities, owners of HOLDRS will have the right to withdraw the underlying securities evidenced by their HOLDRS, together with any dividends or other distributions or net proceeds from the sale of any rights or other property received with respect thereto, by delivering a round-lot or an integral multiple of a round lot of HOLDRS to the Trustee and paying the applicable taxes, other charges (if any) and Trustee's fees.
Tenders are invited for 1 round lot of Examination of the operational status of the public roads of State and local significance within the area in accordance with indicators of road marking regulations existing regulations 2 lot survey, the road signs on the international automobile highways of State significance of Kyiv region for compliance with photometric characteristics requirements of ?
The responses came from a random sample of individual corporate shareholders in all 50 United States who own at least one round lot, or 100 shares of one stock, on either the New York Stock Exchange or the American Stock Exchange.
As a result of the tender offer, eTelecare believes that it no longer has 400 round lot holders.
Third, whether you pay more for the odd lot or less for the round lot, you will have to pay the broker for each transaction.
In fact, purchasing 50 shares of a $20 stock at Charles Schwab will cost you roughly $47 in commissions, versus a $55 outlay for a round lot of 100 shares--a difference hardly worth fretting over.