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The current roundabout intersection does not provide any capacity for pedestrians to cross Napper Road or Arundel Drive near the intersection.
Contract notice: Creation of a roundabout intersection rd 72 / chemin lime kilns - common orange.
Tenders are invited for : Works for the implementation of the project paving and road Tramuntana, between Montpalau Road intersection and the roundabout intersection of the main road between I-15 and I-7.
Tenders are invited for Construction of a new single lane roundabout intersection including removal of improvements, excavation and embankment construction, new driveways, storm water structures and piping, retaining walls, striping and signage, restoration of adjacent grades, seeding and mulching and any other associated items.
Contract awarded for Inn Stadium Roundabout Intersection Installation
Construction of a new roundabout intersection includes: relocating existing utilities; reconstructing existing manholes; constructing concrete sidewalk, splitter curb, curb & gutter, catch basin inlets and storm drain piping; constructing hot mix asphalt surface course; and all related items and appurtenances.