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Present at the ceremony was Col J S Wilson of the Boy Scout International Bureau, Mr H L Mitchell, assistant County Commissioner for Rover Scouts, and Mr J C Scott, County Commissioner for Scouts.
In 1935, the squads were transformed and re-named the Rover Scouts Division, and its regulations were put in writing shortly thereafter.
From wolf cubs to cub scouts, rover scouts to venture scouts, wide-brimmed hats and shorts to green shorts and mushroom flares, the first female leader to a co-education movement, scouting has undergone some pretty dramatic changes in that time, each one making it more relevant and dynamic.
Baden Powell admired 2,500 Rover Scouts, `the storm troops of the larger army', gathered at a Moot to climb mountains: `And it is a ripping good sport'.
My father was on duty in charge of the London Rover Scouts at Westminster Abbey.
A lot of rover scouts, girls, boys and shaheen scouts participated.
The Rover Scouts will practice on their motto Service and will provide all necessary assistance to the affected people.