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28) Read from the perspective of the active work of the Spirit in the world, we now live between the times--between the original creation and the new creation--albeit yet still imbued with the same ruah of God.
All of the particles that make up my body, and the ruah I call the breath of life, mysteriously, understandably, pulled me into the orbit of this woman, whose mother named her Mary Lou.
Hebrew ruah, forerunner of the Christian spiritus sanctus, means 'wind' and 'spirit', including 'holy spirit'.
The careful attention to structured and peer-led experiences, to social involvement, and to empowered religious exploration leads to real ruah and passion in youth settings
Carole de Barre: Mental Health Support Worker RUAH Inreach.
This invisible spirit (which is really a ruah or "windy writing") does not exist within the confines of the organic human subject (nor the Hegelian object of that subject), but is better grasped as "a surviving automatism" (Specters of Marx 171).
However, in ancient Hebrew, a language classified within the Afro-Asiatic family of languages, ruah ha-qodesh meant 'holy spirit,' which was later translated into Greek pneuma hagion and thence Latin spiritus sanctus.
Nicholas Clinch Rose Cohen Carole Combs Leslie Cowperthwaite Louis Cox and Ruah Swennerfelt J.
They might argue that the Hebrew word for spirit, ruah, is feminine, and as such is rightly called she or her.
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