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In my primary school, no wall was left unmarked by the scores of multi-coloured rubber balls battered relentlessly against the sandstone at playtime and lunchtime.
PC Richard Owen was at his home in Shrewsbury on March 30 last year with his wife, their son Toby and Pc Campbell Health, when the boy swallowed a rubber ball which got lodged in the back of his throat.
"Being the mental rubber ball that he is he is already much more upbeat, he has incredible support from his fiancee Sophie and is using the mind-space freed from game preparation to plan their wedding next summer, which is also keeping him positive."
'Front ball is a new sporting code whereby players hit a ball against a wall, earning a point whenever their opponent fails to hit it back after a single bounce and the only equipment required is a leather-covered rubber ball,' she said.
This sport is unique to other ball games, playing in swimming pools and with a floating rubber ball, in a competition between two teams, each team consisting of seven players.
A two year old male boxer dog was presented with history of accidental intake of rubber ball four days back.
You will soon understand that work is a rubber ball. If you drop it, it will bounce back.
SMILEY STRESS BALL, PS1.56, from SQUEEZE this rubber ball until the anxiety has passed.
The drum comes with a seven inch mallet with a turquoise painted handle and black rubber ball on the end.
* Large rubber ball (about the size of a tennis ball)
As he plays, the rubber ball whizzes by his helmet with blistering speed, rebounding off the court's glass back wall.
See the red rubber ball stuffed in her mouth like an apple strapped tightly around her head.