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Afghan refugees have been subject to racism by both the ruling regime and by certain segments of Iranian society.
After the military coup of June 30, 1989 by the Islamists in Sudan and despite religious slogans filed by the ruling regime of the NCP and before it the National Islamic Front (NIF), the policies of privatization and withdrawal of support for essential goods and services, adopted led to the impoverishment of the majority of the Sudanese people.
While Egypt's heroic struggle for democracy has become an example for the rest of the Arab world, Iranians should also take note, and reinforce their own legitimate demands for real transformation in all those areas of social, political and economic policy the ruling regime has adopted and seeks to control.
The surplus power would help the neighbouring ruling regime in an election year.
KARACHI -- Jamaat-e-Islami Karachi Amir Muhammad Hussain Mehanti has urged the ruling regime to take a serious notice of the PSM issues, besides demanding a bailout package and said that Pakistan Steel Mills, a profitable and strategic asset of the country, is about to paralyze.
MWL said the ruling regime of Damascus has committed unprecedented crimes against humanity, demolished homes on the heads of their owners, mutilated the bodies of the martyrs on the ground, forced thousands to leave the country for safe havens in neighboring countries, besieged several cities, towns and villages and barred their residents from the basics of life.
The Islamic rulers in Tunis and Cairo are now discovering what a state means and what it is like to have responsibilities for shielding the security of the country and the rights of all people, regardless of what they think of the ruling regime and of whether they support or oppose it.
Especially, Lalu has been hopping from one place to another and appealing the masses to turn up in good numbers to exert pressures on the ruling regime.
In the democratic system, the opposition plays a vital role in ensuring liberty, fairness and even legitimacy of the ruling regime.
To "liberal" Western minds, accustomed to the natural right to freedom of thought and speech, it seems logically incongruous, and decidedly barbarous, to incarcerate in psychiatric hospitals those who hold opinions contrary to the beliefs of the ruling regime.
The country still had a Communist government, and whether the ruling regime was truly committed to economic liberalization remained uncertain.
Derber takes seriously the idea of ruling regime, and it is the organizing principle of his book.