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The attempt by the ruling regime of the National Islamic Front (NIF) to take the militias and mercenaries from the neighbouring countries as a means of proxy war in Darfur has started from the very beginning of its disastrous arrival through the heinous military coup d'etat.
The Islamic movements are currently divided when it comes to dealing with the Salafist groups, the political and religious speech of which is not very different from the present ruling regimes in Tunisia and Cairo.
After the birth and the establishment of the Islamic Republic of Iran in 1979, the ruling regime there has tirelessly endeavoured to export its version of Islam around the region.
Thus, it sounds silly to hear someone accuse other persons of treachery or direct charges at them of carrying out sabotage or threatening public security and social peace for no other reason than taking the position of opposition to the ruling regime.
The success of the insurgent depends greatly on the willingness of their state-actor friends and allies to provide invaluable direct support--material, technical, and financial--and to isolate the ruling regime diplomatically, which tended to delegitimize the ruling regime while empowering and legitimizing the insurgency in the international arena.
Afghanistan became a sanctuary for Iranian journalists and civil society activists who were subjected to persecution at the hands of the ruling regime.
The demonstrators were chanting slogans of support for the Libyan people in their upheaval to change Libya's ruling regime and denouncing the killing of Libyan civilians," Ta'ama al-Khazaali told Aswat al-Iraq news agency.
ElBaradei did not demand that the Egyptian people carry out a revolutionagainst the ruling regime, but called to change the policies of the Egyptian regime ".
And if such danger is looming in Yemen and Sudan, this is due to the fact that the forces opposed to the ruling regime, due to various circumstances, enjoy the ability to take action, as well as to the fact that the authorities display a certain amount of weakness.
Gambia's ruling regime, who took power in a coup in 1994, have come under fire for their human rights record.
Churches should express to the ruling regime the need to deal with people in a peaceful way and not to use arms or weapons to crack down on unrest," said Rev.